• Director of Submissions (1 of 2 positions)


    The Director of Submissions will act as the Advertising Managers of AAR. He or She will direct and develop advertising activities to promote AAR locally and abroad with the goal of increasing visibility and paper submission to our journal. We are looking for a motivated, creative and dynamic individual for the volunteer role. The ideal candidate would be a student at the University of Alberta with basic knowledge of on-campus advertising. However other students and students abroad can also be considered. 

    The position is available immediately. Please contact journal editor Laura (castrode@ualberta.ca) 

    Key roles: 

    1. Oversee the design and acquisition of large-format roll-up banner to advertise AAR during university conferences and events.

    2. Develop an advertising plan that can be applied within the University of Alberta.

    3. Manage and develop AAR's social media platforms including but not limited to Twitter and Instagram.

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