About AAR


The Alberta Academic Review (AAR) is a peer-reviewed academic journal located in Edmonton, Alberta.


The AAR serves as a forum for multidisciplinary academic debate and discussion. The AAR seeks to serve as a record of graduate and undergraduate academic work, with a foremost focus on work produced by students in Alberta.

Peer Review Process:

The AAR seeks to publish work from all faculties and academic areas. To properly evaluate this wide range of academic work the AAR uses a stringent, double-blind peer-review system. Authors’, reviewers’ and editors’ identities are anonymous.

A Focus on Quality:

The AAR is focused on publishing high-quality, thought-provoking, well researched and informed work. The AAR seeks to both provoke and inform.

The AAR is the voice of Alberta in the global academic conversation.

Our articles are readable by a general university audience and supported by robust reasoning and in-depth research.

Statement of Editorial Independence:

The AAR Editorial Board is independent and exercises full editorial control over publication. Editors are protected from interference by term appointments and other measures. Our funding partner has no control over editorial direction. The Editor in Chief has the editorial responsibility of the AAR.


For any questions, or as a means to establish communication with the AAR, please email the Publisher directly at contact@albertaacademicreview.com

Funding Partner:

The University of Alberta Chapter of the Golden Key International Honour Society funds the operation of the AAR.