The AAR is currently not holding interviews for the 2017 year; however, to volunteer as a peer-reviewer for the journal please email contact@albertaacademicireview.com with a few short sentences about what you are comfortable reviewing and your current degree program.


The Alberta Academic Review relies on excellent volunteers to operate its submission, evaluation, and publication processes. The AAR is free from non-academic influences and advertisements. The positions can be found below, with a general description.


This group has sole authority over the content of this journal.  The Editorial Team, led by the Editor in Chief, makes all of the decisions from accepting manuscripts to final publication.

(1) Editor in Chief

The Editor in Chief is ultimately responsible for the content of the journal and must develop and enforce policies to preserve academic and intellectual integrity, and fairness. Experience with academic publication process is crucial. The EIC plays a significant role in selecting Editors and shaping the editorial process.  The EIC is the only position protected by guaranteed terms of tenure, during which they cannot be dismissed from their role.  This ensures maximum freedom and necessitates the selection of a candidate with an excellent, demonstrable track record of integrity, intellectual honesty, and vision.

(Up to 10) Editor(s)

Editors have a significant amount of discretion in determining the fit and quality of the submission based on the Editorial Team’s priorities. Editors oversee the process of review and potentially publication, with assistance from the Peer Review Coordinator and the EIC.  Every submission must gain support of at least one Editor who will oversee it’s processing in order to be a candidate for publication.

(Up to 3) Associate Editor(s)

The PRC is responsible for overseeing the review process. The PRC maintains a roster of helpful reviewers both within the AAR team and outside of it, and, with the agreement of the Editor overseeing the submission, sends the submission out for review, along with all necessary instructions and timelines. The PRC collects reviewers comments, requiring organizational skills and the ability to handle several projects simultaneously.


(1) Publisher

The Publisher is the supervisor of the AAR as an organization.  They control all processes that are not in the jurisdiction of the Editorial team.  The Publisher is the connection to the supporting group who funds the AAR, and is responsible for handling the annual budget. The publisher also hires all volunteers.

(1) Director of Distribution

The DoD is responsible for all aspects of delivering the content of the AAR.

(1) Director of Submission

The DoS is responsible for acquiring quality submissions in a sustainable way.  This involves promotions and policy development. The DoS also ensures that submissions are delivered to an editor in a blinded fashion to preserve anonymity of the author.

(Up to 5) Production Coordinator(s)

Several PCs work under the supervision of the Publisher, the DoD, or the DoS. Includes seeking feedback, promotions and social media work, data management, and more.

(Up to 3) Designer(s)

Designers are responsible for the visual production of all advertisements used t0 promote the AAR. The Designer(s) also create the final visual product of each online issue.