The Alberta Academic Review relies on excellent volunteers to operate the submission, evaluation, and publication processes. The AAR is free from non-academic influences and advertisements. The positions can be found below, with a general description.


(1) Editor in Chief

The EIC initially appraises each submission before assigning an Editor. The EIC is responsible for creating a high-quality product for the Management team to distribute. The EIC will make final decisions on submissions following the completion of all double-blind peer-review and editing.


This position assesses the originality of each submission, as well as if the submission adheres to journal guidelines. They may provide their own review comments; however, technical errors, clarity, and quality are Editors main concerns.

Associate Editors

This position is responsible for all communication with authors and peer-reviewers. Associate Editors maintain the double-blind process of the AAR, and consolidate all peer-review comments. Associate Editors select peer-reviewers for each submission.


(1) Publisher

The Publisher is the supervisor of the AAR as an organization.  They control all processes that are not in the jurisdiction of the Editorial team.  The Publisher is the connection to the supporting group who funds the AAR, and is responsible for handling the annual budget. The Publisher manages all volunteers.


(1) Director of Submission

The DoS is responsible for acquiring quality submissions in a sustainable way: this involves promotions. The DoS ensures that submissions are forwarded to the correct Editorial volunteer: Associate, Editor, EIC. Organizational skills are key in this position to maintain the double-blind peer-review process.

Production Coordinators

Production Coordinators have a low time commitment with the AAR; they act as assistants to the Publisher and Director of Submissions when needed.

(1) Designer

The designer is responsible for formatting the final product of accepted articles into a complete electronic issue. The designer is also responsible for visuals advertising the AAR.