Author Guidelines

Article type
Number of Words*


Brief communication of novel findings



Describes novel research

3,000 (legal articles up to 15,000)


Thorough evaluation of important research


*number of words includes all words within the main text (e.g. Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion). Word count do not include figure captions, tables, Acknowledgement or References.

Submissions must

  1. Meet ethical requirements: e.g. all animal or human studies must contain an explicit statement that the protocols were approved by board or governing office.
  2. Be original, and be respectful to additional scholarship. The Alberta Academic Review is strict against plagiarism. 
  3. Be approved by the Editor in Chief and assigned Editors.

Please submit your work in Microsoft Word (.doc, or .docx) format. Visit ‘Formatting Requirements’ for specific Text and Figure formatting.

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